Biomedical Algorithmic Exchange
The global exchange for digital biomedical assets

BiOMEX creates the services and infrastructure that allows participants to transact DBAs simply, quickly and securely. We identify and work with providers of DBAs to list their assets for either commercial exchange or to enable non-profit sharing with other exchange participants.

Bioinformatics today is a relativity small market but one which is set to experience huge growth in the coming years. The rate at which new Digital Biomedical Assets are being created is increasing at an exponential rate yet our ability to put these assets to work in the service of public health, agriculture and research has not kept pace.

At BiOMEX we believe a community driven, market based approach has the potential to unleash a disruptive wave of productivity and innovation throughout the industry that will realise the full potential of these assets.

Digital Biomedical Assets

Digital Biomedical Assets come in many different forms, but generally fall under three categories:

Sequence Data

Advances in Gene and Protein sequencing technology have led to an explosion of sequence data. These DBAs are the source of much of the fundamental research undertaken in Biomedicine today as they have become inexpensive to procure and curate.

Unlocking the information encoded in sequence data and understanding how this information is expressed in living biological systems holds the key to the development of future medicines, therapies and cures.

Clinical Data

Clinical Data has always been and will remain the staple source of medical research. Notoriously difficult and costly to gather as well as being tightly regulated, it is unsurprising that this precious asset is underutilised.

At BiOMEX we hope to eliminate the barriers to the exchange of Clinical Data by leveraging technology from the financial sector which satisfies regulators and meets the demands of stringent compliance regimes..

Algorithmic Assets

Data on its own has little value without the means to analyse it. The vast quantities of data available today and in the future, present a unique opportunity to those that can create the algorithms, pipelines and workflows which enhance our understanding of biology.

Our role at BiOMEX is to create an infrastructure that will incentivise, identify and reward the creation of new analytic techniques and ensure they are made available to our participants.


Listing digital biomedical assets on BiOMEX is accomplished by selecting the appropriate contractual product offered by the exchange. Our on-boarding team can help you to identify the right contract to fulfil all your commercial and regulatory requirements.

Public Contract

Assets listed under Public Contracts will be available to all participants on the exchange. Publicly listed assets can select from a range of pricing options including Subscription, On-demand, Bid and of course Free use.

Private Contract

Private Contracts provide the same pricing flexibility as public contracts, however, access to the underlying assets can be strictly controlled to authorised participants only.


The BiOMEX Platform is a built on Distributed Ledger Technology using NoDev, NoOps, NoIT principles. Our platform employs the latest technology to deliver robust, secure and scalable computation but most importantly of all it is designed to be simple and intuitive to use. From a technical perspective BiOMEX is a distributed, cloud-native, community driven Bioinformatics Exchange.

  • We are in the business of and specialise in, protecting digital biomedical assets and thus we adhere to the highest standards of Information and Cyber Security.
  • In order to guarantee the privacy and integrity of the assets deployed to the exchange, we adopt a zero trust model to all of our information technology and business processes.
  • We maintain clearly demarcated boundaries between listed assets and Biomex infrastructure. All information and data are encrypted, at rest and in transit.
  • BiOMEX interchanges are distributed applications that can be installed locally on your laptop and accessed by APIs in exactly the same way as connecting to the BiOMEX Cloud.
  • You can integrate BiOMEX into your own workflows and existing platforms just like any other bioinformatics application or tool.
  • Every aspect of Biomex is exposed via APIs so you can even monitor resource consumption, manage access and control your listed assets using your own command line tools or Web Applications.
  • Our platform is designed with the High Availability and High Performance capabilities demanded by mission critical systems.
  • A combination of distributed architecture and cloud infrastructure creates and incredibly resilient platform that maximises service availability.
  • Real-time analytics provided over a broad range of asset transaction metrics provides unparalleled Market intelligence and analytical information on Bioinformatics research and development activity.
  • Incentivises, identifies and rewards individuals and institutions whose listed DBAs have made a significant contribution to the life sciences.
  • A unique feature of our platform is the ability to provide full attribution for DBA holders whether they are data curators, algorithm developers or independent research institutions and thus raise awareness of their work and provide a valuable source of funding.

  • Our Distributed Ledger Technology enables every BiOMEX interchange (node) to be configured to share services, data and computational resources with other interchanges via contracts that comply with the principle of least privilege, thus transactional privacy is assured.

    Our distributed architecture also optimises the cost of computation in line with Edge computing best practice.

  • We use the most current technology available today to build BiOMEX. Our provisioning process is fully automated and can instantiate new interchanges on IaaS provided for private, public or hybrid clouds.

    BiOMEX IT infrastructure is Cloud Native and utilises PaaS to orchestrate service containers. Our application architecture is service based and conforms to Twelve Factor App design principles and our technology stack is ‘evergreen’ and is automatically kept up to date with the latest security patches

  • The BiOMEX technology stack is composed of Community Software (Free and Open Source Software which is actively maintained by one or more commercial or non-profit entities that also offer professional services that appertain to the software) which encourages collaboration and cooperation.

    Our use of Community Software reflects our commitment to innovation and our support for the Developer community at large.


Hussein Badakhchani

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Martin Hand

Acting Business Development Adviser

Dr Robert Gifford

Acting Chief Science Officer

Salim Badakhchani

Chief Technical Officer

Our Vision and mission

We believe that creating a secure, reliable and efficient exchange for Digital Biomedical Assets will bring producers and consumers together in a way that will foster cooperation, drive research and accelerate innovation in Biomedicine. By 2020 BiOMEX will be the global platform of choice for the exchange of Digital Biomedical Assets. Our Mission is to

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